2017/18 Youth Poetry Slam Standings (so far)

These are the current standing after 4 months of competition (Aug-Nov). Poets who finish 1st win 16 points, 2nd get 9 points, 3rd receive 5 points, 4th place wins 3 and 5th place will take home 1 whole point. Everyone with and asterisk * beside their name has slammed more than once so far this season. All poets are asked to compete at least twice during the year. Also, you cannot be on the team if you are turning 21 BEFORE September 01st 2018.

01st–44 points–Aly *
02nd–22 points–Alec *
03rd–18 points–Emily F *
04th–16 points–Mackenzie
04th–16 points–Nicola
06th–09 points–Benedict
06th–09 points–Maliv
06th–09 points–Katherine Vandervelden
09th–06 points–Victoria *
09th–05 points–Adhel
11th–03 points–Jennifer
11th–03 points–Andrew
11th–03 points–Ambra
14th–01 points–Sidra
14th–01 points–Paolo
14th–01 points–Sidra
14th–01 points–Lavanya *

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