Mashed Poetics

At Mashed Poetics, poets are asked to write new poems based on songs from a featured music album.  This iteration of Mashed Poetics features Spillious on acoustic guitar, performing the songs on the album Transgender Dysphoria Blues by Against Me. Doors: 6:50 PM / Start 7:00 / on Zoom / … Continued

Rules and Format for the 2019 Summer Season

Finals: September 16, 2019 Last Chance: September 2, 2019   Rounds & Time Limits Round One: 10 poets perform a 2-minute poem Round Two: The top 6 highest-scoring poets from Round One perform a 1-minute poem Round Three: The top 3 highest-scoring poets from Round Two perform a 4-minute poem. … Continued

2019 Slam Schedule

January 7 – Dia Davina – W&NB Last Chance 14 – Kevin Spenst – New Sh!t – “Let it break” 21 – Julia Gaskill – W&NB championship February 4 – Davy Jones – Regular Slam 11 – Estìqw- New Sh!t – “So now what” 18 – Ayanda – Regular Slam … Continued

VanSlam WOWPS 2018 Rankings

As the national PSi – Women of the World Poetry Slam (WOWPS) 2019 competition is not happening this year. We are still going to do finale playoffs and have the winner represent VanSlam! The basic guidelines for participation in WOWps Vancouver play-offs are that if you Self Identify as a … Continued

Updated Season Rankings!

Those competing for team finals in April. The points for each regular slam will be as follows: 1st place – 16 points 2nd place – 9 points 3rd place – 4 points 4th place – 1 point You can review the rules and points system here Rankings Bambi – 49 … Continued

VanSlam New Sh!t Challenge!

Objective: This is an opt-in challenge, meant to encourage poets to produce new poetry and bring it to VanSlam. How it will work: Monthly, during the regular slam, poets will opt-in during the first round. The theme will be decided by the previous Sh!t Slam challenge-winning poet. To qualify new … Continued

Vancouver Poetry Slam Elections

Dear Van Slam Family, On behalf of Vancouver Poetry House, the umbrella organization that facilitates The Vancouver Poetry Slam, The Vancouver Youth Poetry Slam, Hullabaloo, Wordplay, Word Camp and Verses, please consider this the formal announcement for the next Van Slam Family meeting on Sunday May 27th 2018 at 2PM … Continued

LAUNCH Festival Applications

Former Vancouver Poetry Slam Team Member, Barbara Adler, is heading up the search for recruits for the upcoming LAUNCH Festival. It’s open to emerging artists of all disciplines, including Spoken Word (poetry, stand up, storytelling, etc) Deadline to apply is May 18th, 2018. The Festival is in June. Here is … Continued

Van Slam Fall/ Winter Season 2017-18 (March 19th)

So! A new qualifying season is underway to determine which 5 poets will have a chance to become the next Vancouver Poetry Slam Team. It’s crucial to understand the points system. You can read about how it works for qualifying for Team Playoffs here: The points system should become … Continued

Rob Mitchel Features at the Vancouver Poetry Slam

The Vancouver Poetry Slam presents this week’s feature, Rob Mitchell!! A bit about our feature: “Rob Mitchell is a poet born and raised in the south, originally heralding from Atlanta, GA. Growing up a quintessential, middle-class blerd (black nerd), writing has always been a form of catharsis. Recently, Rob has … Continued