Van Slam Summer Standings 2014 (May 19th)

A new qualifying season is underway to determine which poet will have a chance to become the next Individual World Poetry Slam representative for Vancouver. The IWPS slam off will be in mid-September.

A full explanation of the rules and format of the Van Slam Summer Season can be found here:,1682.msg4547.html

Here are the results from the first qualifying slam.

May 19th 2014

Sac: Britt MacLeod
Dia Davina – 2nd (9 points)
Dana ID Matthews – 1st (16 points)
Duncan Shields
Emilee Nimetz – 3rd (4 points)
Sebastien Wen
Megan Hooge
Al Mader
Kate Mitchell

Updated Standings for the 2014 IWPS Play-offs
The top 10 poets qualify for finals.

1. Dana ID Matthews 32 points

2. Johnny Macrae 24 points
3. Sir Realist 16 points
3. Scruffmouth 16 points
4. Dia Davina 9 points
4. Britt MacLeod 9 points
4. Alessandra Naccarato 9 points
4. Al Mader 9 points
4. Elysia 9 points

5. Emilee Nimetz 4 points
5. Ayda 4 points
5. Welley 4 points