Help Wanted

The Board is proposing changes to the Vancouver Poetry House Society Constitution and By-Laws. The purpose of these changes is to encourage member & community participation in governance of the Society. Specifically, we wish to make it easier for working artists who are members of VPH to also be a … Continued

Calling on Membership!

Now that the senior staff is in place, we want to raise some money. That means there is now a Fundraising Committee. Come help us figure out how to get some new audio and video equipment, have more travel subsidies, more workshops, more training for staff and community members, expanded … Continued

New Staff!

We are really, really happy to announce: Johnny MacRae is our new Artistic Director and Santiago Farias Calderon is our new Arts Administrator. Read their bios and look at their faces here. Click on “full article” to access link.

Board Meeting

Our next board meeting is on Sunday December 9, 2018 at the VPH office. #210 111 W Hastings. Let one of us know you are coming, and we’ll come let you in. Don’t know who we are? Go here. As always, you are welcome.

Calling on Membership!

We will be deciding on 2 people to lead VPH into the next phase of its life. This concerns all the membership. If you want to help decide, then be on the hiring committee. If you are a member, and if you want some input into who VPH hires to … Continued