Fall/Winter 2018 Rankings

Those competing for team finals in April. The points for each regular slam will be as follows: 1st place – 16 points 2nd place – 9 points 3rd place – 4 points 4th place – 1 point You can review the rules and points system here Rankings: Emily Kelsall – … Continued

VanSlam WOWPS 2018 Rankings

As the national PSi – Women of the World Poetry Slam (WOWPS) 2019 competition is not happening this year. We are still going to do finale playoffs and have the winner represent VanSlam! The basic guidelines for participation in WOWps Vancouver play-offs are that if you Self Identify as a … Continued

Policy Update

We, your Board of Directors, have been writing policy for the last month. We are now beginning the approval process. I’ve added a couple of things to the Vancouver Poetry House site. One of them is the new Complaint Process. Look under About, then Policies and Procedures. New things will … Continued

Summer 2018 Rankings

Finals will happen on September 3rd, 2018. The winner will go to the Individual World Poetry Slam (iWPS) in San Diego from Oct 10 to 13. As well as being the VanSlam rep for Verses Festival of Words in April 2019. The point system for each night will look like … Continued

Call for VPH Board Member positions…it could be you!

Vancouver Poetry House Notice for Board Nominations Election for board members will be at the Annual General Meeting on July 15th. Those wishing to be on the ballot must submit their names by 12pm on July 9th. Names to be emailed to hello@vancouverpoetryhouse.com with the subject line “VPH board nomination”. … Continued

Youth Poetry Slam Coordinator Applications are now open

YOUTH SLAM COORDINATOR ORGANIZATION: Vancouver Poetry House DEADLINE: June 18, 2018 WEBSITE: www.vancouverpoetryhouse.com REMUNERATION: $1200/year JOB DESCRIPTION: Part-time position managing/hosting the monthly Vancouver Youth Poetry Slam. WORK: The Youth Slam Coordinator is responsible for the running and maintaining the Vancouver Youth Poetry Slam. This includes booking, paying and hosting (or … Continued

Vancouver Poetry House 2018 AGM is Sunday July 15th

The staff and board of Vancouver Poetry House invite you to the 2018 annual general meeting. The AGM agenda will include a review of the 2017 financial statement, program activities, and board nominations. In order to have voting privilege you must be a VPH member for at least 30 days … Continued

Wordplay Poets Coordinator Job Posting

WORDPLAY POETS COORDINATOR ORGANIZATION: Vancouver Poetry House DEADLINE: June 8, 2018 WEBSITE: www.vancouverpoetryhouse.com REMUNERATION: $3000/year JOB DESCRIPTION: Part-time position coordinating poetry in schools program. WordPlay poets stage spoken word performances, host events, make keynote speeches, and conduct workshops in dozens of venues every year, everything from high schools to writers’ … Continued

Vancouver Poetry Slam Elections

Dear Van Slam Family, On behalf of Vancouver Poetry House, the umbrella organization that facilitates The Vancouver Poetry Slam, The Vancouver Youth Poetry Slam, Hullabaloo, Wordplay, Word Camp and Verses, please consider this the formal announcement for the next Van Slam Family meeting on Sunday May 27th 2018 at 2PM … Continued

LAUNCH Festival Applications

Former Vancouver Poetry Slam Team Member, Barbara Adler, is heading up the search for recruits for the upcoming LAUNCH Festival. It’s open to emerging artists of all disciplines, including Spoken Word (poetry, stand up, storytelling, etc) Deadline to apply is May 18th, 2018. The Festival is in June. Here is … Continued